Zero Readers

Issue 2: September 7, 2021

Daniel J. Flosi
“In the Lens”

Katy Naylor
“on temptation”

Megan Nichols
“Sunday School”

Damien Posterino
“Poppy cult”

Allison DeDecker

Melody Wang
“On this side of the mountain”

Camille Lewis

Ryan Alexander
“Try Counting Raindrops in a Storm”

Kaisa Saarinen
“Exonerate me”

Megan Riggle
“Sister Mary Frances”

Emily Cotman
“Seventy million years and yet”

Katelyn Botsford Tucker
“Natural History”

Makenna Dykstra
“contemplation on things that won’t stay still”

Dre Hill
“Into the Darkness”

Madeleine Tomasoa
“Near Naked Now”

Colin James
“A Hankering for the Truth”

PS Nolf
“Midnight Shift”

Lexi Inez
“mood gambles”

Jeana Jorgensen
“caged thing”