mood gambles

by | Issue #2, Issues

At the mind’s casino
Slots spin to soothe and then to stir
Things up, high as jackpot dreams
Pull the lever again, again
More more more
Mental payout pours
Coins for corner stores
Choose candy or wine
Not the toilet right behind
The bowl fills, the bowl spills
Water out from under
Past the door
Less less less
Odds 6:1 on flood
Water chin high and climbing
Shoes heavy as mob’s concrete
I fear my lungs, my breath, gasping
I swallow easy as pills
Precious pink capsules

Dose drowsy
On the watertop, I float easy
On my back.
Ok ok ok

Lexi Inez works at a medical school and, at this moment, may be organizing a grant application. Or reading an email chain that is 50 people each saying some version of “great meeting everyone”. Mornings in the office, she skips coffee or tea and goes straight for the hot chocolate. You can find her on Twitter, @LexiInez