Near Naked Now

by | Issue #2, Issues

CW: violent imagery

i am hunched over ugly like an animal screaming without a sound a cockroach scurried away from me and threw up onto the ground he woke up one day and crashed into earth i want to see fat peel away and i admire how the flesh tries to glue itself shut the same way in that motel my legs pried apart with a crowbar loosened by black tar funneled down my throat gagging from the press of your mouth your lips like sausages eyes lined with fat pulling layers of my skin apart nobody’s home inside the receptionist has gone to bed the earth continues its rotations i can only look at the fat bulging obscenely from your stomach underneath forever churning with fries head buzzing like a hole and when my blood coagulates i will finally be in control of my core
               dirty & sweet.

Madeleine Tomasoa is a copywriter and a videogame writer from Jakarta, Indonesia. They enjoy watching cars go around in a circle for fun.