We are Zero Readers, a literary magazine focusing on craft content as well as poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. We welcome writers of all experience, background, and niches to submit to our biannual issues. Our goal is to build a vibrant writing community through access to craft essays, interviews, and the opportunity for publication. As a program of Pencilhouse, we ultimately strive for accessibility and inclusivity. Feel free to check out our previous issues, and our submission info is here.



IVY JONES is a trans masculine storyteller in Georgia who writes on the surreal, fabulist, human, and homosexual. He is a thalassophobic currently inspired greatly by water, William Blake, angels, and the old web. Ivy’s published art and writing can be found in locations such as Moss Puppy Magazine, dadakuku, isacoustic*, and upcoming issues elsewhere. One can contact Ivy at ivy.twines on Instagram/Threads or @ivyintheroad on Twitter, or, if you’re feeling spicy, ivyjones1769@gmail.com.


MACK ROGERS is a gay Black writer. He is a poetry reader at Split Lip Mag and volunteer staff critic for Pencilhouse. His work has appeared in places. He writes unhinged dream poetry for his blog sometimes. Sometimes he makes them into zines. Sometimes he dreams about that awkward moment from undergrad and spends the rest of the day apologizing to the void. He goes for a hike like once a year. He’s exhausted just thinking about it. Mack recently moved to Raleigh, NC and lives with his partner and their three cats. You can probably find him on social media but, ya know, maybe you won’t. He’s fine with that


DAWSON THOMPSON is a writer from Snellville, Georgia who specializes in screenplays, short stories, and poetry on cheery topics like the post-apocalyptic, fear, and whatever is preoccupying their mind at the time. Dawson has previously worked with Oglethorpe University’s literary magazine, The Tower. In addition to writing, they enjoy music, trivia, labor history, and all manner of card games. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact them at dawsonanthom@gmail.com, or for lower quality posts, @KingfisherAtlas on twitter.


KATHERINE SARAH PALAKOVIC (she/her) is an editor for money and a writer, singer, model, and rock climber for fun. For no money and questionable fun, she is also a disabled queer lady. Her words live in The Soap Box Press, Medium, and Polar Expressions, with upcoming homes in Renaissance Press and The Bitchin’ Kitsch. You can find her lingering in Toronto’s precious green spaces and eating all the good food. Twitter: kitkatkelly


JOSHUA LAMBIE divides his time between Marietta and Douglasville, GA, but prefers Douglasville as that is where his cat, Banjo, lives. He enjoys reading and writing fiction when he isn’t thrift shopping or watching Sex and the City. Josh’s favorite stories are usually about unhinged, morally ambiguous people. He is proud to have been featured in his university’s literary magazine, The Tower, and to have been awarded the Anne Rivers Siddons Prize in Short Fiction his senior year. Find him on Instagram @joshuaskwatt or via email at joshlambie@gmail.com


ALEECE BUSTAMANTE is a visual artist based in Georgia. A recovering theater-kid, her work frequently deals with notions of performance, presentation, and identity. Her studio practice encompasses multiple mediums, including photography, collage, and painting. Aleece’s art can currently be found in her bedroom and buried in her camera roll, though she has previously exhibited at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art and numerous independent shows. As a graphic and web designer, she has worked with higher ed institutions, student magazines, and art galleries. Find her on Instagram @pitrelaide.


SAMMI ROWELL, hailing from Atlanta, weaves her magic primarily through music and poetry. With a penchant for orchestral melodies, her compositions are a treat. Her poetry covers themes of love, grief, and the unmistakable essence of The Deep South — a nod to her roots. Her pieces have been published in Oglethorpe University’s The Tower Literary Magazine, and she’s got her eyes set on more avenues. Not just any page runner, she created and orchestrated Oglethorpe’s “Ogle Affirmations” page for three solid years. Now, she’s taking that flair and stepping into the big leagues as a social media manager. Want a glimpse into her world? Swing by her Instagram @p.ana.cea, and get a taste of what’s brewing on the Pencilhouse and Zero Readers socials.


JASON W. MCGLONE’s work has appeared in Stanchion Zine, Olney Magazine, Autofocus, X-R-A-Y, and BS/WS, from which he received a 2022 Best of the Net nomination. He runs Pencilhouse and publishes the process-centered magazine Zero Readers. Most days you can find Jason wandering around Cincinnati, where he lives with his family. He’s on twitter @maoglone.