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Category: Issue #3

Somewhere in Between

Preston Smith “‘Cause I know I’m a sinner, but I could be a saint in your head.No, I don’t got religion, but I’ll tip my hat to the dead.”—VÉRITÉ, “Saint” If I knew how to be alone, I woulddeconstruct the fairy tales of my mindand live somewhere in betweenthe fabrics of reality and words. I’d […]

No One Has Been Here Before

Neal Sandin The air buzzes without echoRed grass scrapes our shoulders and saddle bagsBehind us unseen swarm men with guns and rotten teethWhispering our sin through cracked lips.No one has been here before We steer a wide berth around buildings silhouettedLike thorns among impossible mounds of earthAs children play, others shout greetingsBut they do not […]

I Would Wreck Your Ship

Erin Bryant Petty shame keeps me warm at nightburns bright in my bonesburnished to a glow bywincing ruminations about yougutted with the loss ofwhat could have beengrateful the door neveropened widerto let in more welted regretlivid on my skinhurricaned with wounds thatlast forever what if we had slept together?what if you had kissed me? would […]


Erin Bryant Petty regretbecomes a guest that never leaveswaking side by sideeach day we trudge in unisonentwined among my veinsand chiralityit tugs me this way and thatkeeping me carefuland safeand wishing I could unwind its bittered pithfrom my skin, peelit away from each limband fairly floatfrom the lightness of thatjettison:             a forward singularity            a cloud among […]

In September

Samantha Johnson when the borders between usare more jasmine than fence,more mistake than betrayal,I will cross the dew-wet streetwithout looking, you’ll seemore optimist than woman. Samantha Johnson (she/her) is a poet in Melbourne, working on her debut collection.  Her work explores grace and grief – apron strings of time spent in the domestic.  She writes […]


Marie Little On the hills I am barefoot, ankles rainbow-strungwith friendship, picking through scree. In the streams I gather my skirts insmiles, hug baby to my hip, sing to the fishes. In the valley I bathe in shade, stuff pocketswith berries, practise echoes. In the forest I birth fire in hollowsspark leaves to life, humming […]

Six-Legged Mare

Jessica Jemalem Ginting Ed note: An earlier version of this poem originally appeared at honeyfirelit in October 2021. You and I could simply touch we’d createa monster six-legged mare it wouldn’t fit in a barn                                 we’d need to retreat                                                                      past punishing valleys                                                                      past the antler trail                             they couldn’t reach us                            see what we’ve […]


McAllister David sun drips / sky sighs / night sleeps / day rise bean brews / clock sings / she wakes / she cries blood red / dreams shred / old frights / walk nights she breathes / she pours / first sip / time soars McAllister David is a mathematics major and lover of […]

Coal Pile

S.H. Woodgeard Not enoughgo back outsays Dad It’s colderwettermore snow Go back outget moresays Dad We lug ourmetal pail tothe coal pile Under whitewith spadeswe chip at black Little comeshands red and numbwe dig A current MFA candidate at Wichita State University, S.H. Woodgeard lives and writes out of the American Southwest. S.H. can be […]

What I should’ve Said to the Girl I Love

Izraq Jesen Imaginea day / eight years ago / we are at the staircase to the college west wing / the hallway opens / into History i kiss / the dimple at the corner of your lips / History frowns / through cobwebbed veil Tell mewe are allowed to / have this / to love […]