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Ella rous Seagulls prefer to nest by open water, but they’ll make doif they must. This bathroom, sinking into the foundation aslittle green plants force their way through the grout, will do.It will do, even once we’ve outgrown & left it, the shivering husksof our shadows peeled away and left to drown in Grandma’s clawfoot […]

two poems

Joseph M. Gant New Format paperback and needledisccherished media–bone dust and broken saucers Cavernous dentist cut by silvered glassancient mouth of rot;pulls the roots from memory Joseph M Gant is a New Jersey born open source software enthusiast, data hoarder, technical writer, and author of the poetry collections: Zero Divsion and Exiled From Stars with […]


Cole Henry Forster I’m listening to Gerry Raffertyand I’m thinking to myself,who the fuck is Gerry Rafferty,and what the fuck is “Right Down the Line?”‘Cause I can’t tell who’s sore,and there’s no rippin’ off the bandaidwith the first big scene,you gotta drag it out and feel that onefor a year or two, and thentake the […]


GIA KELLIHER 0b1.  hey, I know you! you lolling Jell-o eyes, your eyelids are heavy  you spit a billion more phrases, you’re summoning mandelbrot, your shed is a rube machine, it whirrs and molts, you don’t sleep through the night, your sermons are petsmart, full of ferret bones  your nightly dream, a boor girl, her tunnels feel like astroturf, she peeks at you through Bavarian mist, she […]


Jason Melvin the wind from the oceanmakes the balcony lawn chairsdanceI lounge on a couchas gray daylight stretchesthrough the sliding glass door I want to sitout therehear the surftaste the windbut I can’t writein the rain the balcony parapetis four feet highfrom my seatit’s only four inchesmy forefinger and thumbcan pinch itand the oceanbroken up […]


C.E. Brady Yeah, put the leftovers in one of the jars on the second shelf;no, I know there’s a lid that fits, I promiseI’m working on a new organization system for the pile up there,what a mess! I need to learn how to let goof every exponential almond butter jar I am compelled to keeplike, […]


Keagan Wheat Logan unpacks needles, swabs, syringe, bandaidI settle my knee against his thighAs we sit on his Star Wars comforter.He plays Elton John, tiny speakerscompleting ritual. _______ Alone, I track 26 minute walkwith sagging backpackHawthorne, Montrose,Westheimer. Findingacorns to slow footfall, brief floatturns to stomp.With cars’ isolatingwind and shifting curb along,I reach my new pharmacy. […]

I do not know your names

Stan Galloway Your names toll in my dreams. “26,” – Rachel Eliza Griffiths I do not know your names                           your faces.The photograph shows you beside the war monumentreminding me that time has circled back upon itself                          how tanks have driven                                        out of our grandfathers’ memories.I do not know your names.The newspaper tells more than I can see         of your clothing                snug […]


D.W. White Tomorrow knocks againSo patientlyCarrying the pain of her childrenAnd asking us to let her inFor she is a solitary travelerWith only one door to try D.W. White is a graduate of the M.F.A. Creative Writing program at Otis College in Los Angeles and Stony Brook University’s BookEnds Fellowship. Currently seeking representation for his […]

Twenty-First Century Red Riding Hood

Rachel Alarcio The world is my mother and Mother is a witch,she says, a psychological horror protagonistwalled in, exit forbidden sans consent.Lest the teen princess be exiled. The hearth is ravenous, cavernous,cold as the word no.The screen is her ladder,her savior. Purveyor of Prose. Playground Pariah.These epithets? Remnants of rejection.The prince in print is amber […]