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on temptation

Katy Naylor it’s not the willow pattern platebehind cold museum glass it’s not your brother’s birthday cakewhite frosted on the pantry shelf it’s the diaphragmpulling in smoke from the ruined hall it’s the handclasped round metal five hundred volts hot it’s the skull’sconnection with the steering wheel thrown long before we knew where it would […]

Natural History

Katelyn Botsford Tucker The night my father died I went to the museum to seeThe Whale.You know the museum? You must know The Whale. Its facsimile hoverssuspended byinvisible strings. It wasmy father‘s favorite.The museum.The Whale.I hate that museum.I hate The Whale. Dizzy, suspended byinvisible strings, I closemy eyes and imaginemy body anywhere else. Katelyn Botsford […]

Exonerate Me

Kaisa Saarinen Let me be your little moon,lunar beck, a dionean shipwreck.Take me off your orbit soon –I’ll still dream your hands around my neck. You must be sick of hearing me apologiseso exonerate me, take away my voice.Make a noose for me, I’ll follow through,praying mute and powder-blue. I’m so tired of negotiation. Give […]

Caged Thing

Jeana Jorgensen My heart is a caged, battered thing,a medieval city with two sets of walls,a fortress built from stonesbearing bloody handprints,teary streaks, remindersthat barriers do two things,they exist for a reason,and they come with a cost.For now I bear the bruises,take pride in my strong walls,patch the cracks when I feel weak.Tomorrow might be […]

Seventy million years and yet

Emily Cotman tender palms indulge the weight of my cold silt spiral anchored radiant across timeshe settles and ipulse again once her eyes well with curves chasms darkness endless she worries her saltwater will dullmy iridescenceoh honey snug at her chest waves resonate already ate just this clings all i need drifts towardthe shoal neglectingdeep […]

Into the Darkness

Dre Hill Here are the quiet momentsthe whispering thoughtseatingat your wayward souldevouring your being.Here are the lingering queriescloudingyour sense of directionin a darkening hazesuggesting all that you lack.Here are the patches of darknessthe voids where light failsblottingout your hopes and joyswith a flood of viscous tearscongesting you with reality. Interested in the arts and storytelling […]


Daniel J. Flosi you   wake   themorning     findits     seeds     inyour         palm now   you  mustscrape  the  dustfrom  rivers   ofsinewcrowned     likemaples       heldfast to the   sky                  still its            seedsremain  out  ofreachyou      scratchpockets  of  fatlined         goldcorvid       beakfinger   surgingrasping        onmusclemarked    withsalmon     scale stillthe    gift      is      untouchedso  you keep itclench     yourfist around theworm    tryingto   keep       it                 still Daniel J Flosi is an apparition living in a half acre coffin within the township of Rock Island, IL between the V of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. 

In the Lens

Daniel J. Flosi i.           Sea winds foam sea hymns           we disappear                      like the robin                                  d i f f u s e                                  into fall ii.           Hiding           in my god                    complex                    a geometry                              of vantage points                    desperately                    wiping                              the lens                    to find                               myself           In other people’s                    faces iii.           The plum           fallen           in ash           milky-eyed           child           smashed […]

Poppy Cult

Damien Posterino I hold a catastrophe in my hands.I make a tight cup to stop it struggling out.It builds panic for an army marching,frightened boys fake bravery,their tears parachuting to death.Missiles of burning birthday balloonscelebrate this cult of our making,rivers of blood parading royal pageantswaving their hands to servants dismissed.Crowds on the banks are having […]

A hankering for the truth

Colin James Amid parallel running tracksin the north of England,we workers saw their endingas appurtenances in railway yards.I asked the most forthright,was this a truth then?His answer “I don’t know, Mate.”And I loved him for it. Colin James has a couple of chapbooks of poetry published: Dreams Of The Really Annoying from Writing Knights Press […]