Zero Readers

Issue 3: December 13, 2021

Noren Haq
Spare Room

Neal Sandin
No One Has Been Here Before

Sloane Angelou

Jay Fraser
Flutter and Wow

Marie Little

Erin Bryant Petty
I Would Wreck Your Ship

Jeremy Freedman
Ill (advised)

Jen Schneider
on flirting & skirting with undertows, rocky roads & 1_2_3

Preston Smith
Somewhere in Between

S.H. Woodgeard
Coal Pile

Audrey L. Reyes
once upon a time, there lived two little girls with little white flags
disaster fatigue

Michael Black
Blood Work

McAllister David

K.R. Everett
To the Coming Cold

Julia Ruth Smith
Tender Loving Care

Stephen Kingsnorth

Samantha Johnson
In September

Jessica Ginting
Six Legged Mare

Izraq Jesen
What I Should’ve Said to the Girl I Love