Zero Readers

Issue 1: June 25, 2021

Paxton Grey
“i am not a poet”
“en route”

Mark J. Mitchell
“Isolated Piano”

John Grey
“Times the hard way”

DS Maolalai
“Constitution Hill”

Justin A. Clark
“Constructing Walls as Metaphor for X”
“Ambulance Sirens & Epitaphs”

Clem Flowers
“Ashes and the scent of new colors on the backs of pepper trees”

Thomas Zimmerman
“A piece retrievable”

Jason Melvin
“Sixteen, doing buggies at the Shop-n-Save”

Sarthak Kamble
“A prayer folding on a body”

Nathalie Lawrence
“In the grounds”

Paris Jessie
“Dear Gwendolyn”

Michael Igoe
“Corner of the Eye”