Zero Readers

Category: Issue #4


Andrew Walker Onions in butter   bubble alone &      the kitchen is quiet,         starved without            your stirring.               I’m getting better            at remembering         to salt the meat,      to peel the carrots,   to pour just oneglass of wine—   & still      I make too much,         undercook the potatoes,            curdle the cream.               On my tongue            a chunk of chuck         melts to ribbons &      I lose myself   in its heavy heat.Like I said   I’m getting better      at forgetting         the sound of            your spoon […]


Andrew Walker Tomorrow I’ll throw this thirst    who sits heavy in my chest— widen my mouth to smile    out his weight. Today though, I lust for his leaden presence,    how he urges my lungs together like a kiss, the pressure    of my ribs immovably clinging to my spine. I often conflate    dependence & love—both familiar, soft. When he scoops the […]

Letters To Ram: Renouncing You

Letitia Jiju Ram, I hitch the light           off Ayodhya’s wickto scour me           off your Sita. Stir up a pyre           of each arrowed nightmy body bent,           to send you across. Love, deer-eyed,leaping at the sight of you.Until one day, I foraged for you           on its mottled coat and saw no god but Kshatriya           salvaging an honorI never bestowed. Perhaps that is what […]

the end of the affair

D. Parker crept   crawled   |   dragged   its   knees   | stabbed elbows into polished   |   wooden floors  |  eyes fixed on climax   |   between crumbs   |   of    arguments    unspoken   | twitches | spasms | of reluctance | the end wrapped  |  thin fingers ‘round a scalpel  | removed  the  appendage  |  a clean sharp […]

Cassava Pone

Kiri DeLande Mama’s quick to crack these brown, hardened backs, snappin’ ‘emand crackin’ off the tail-ends of these tubers, checking for isolatedimperfections – and she’s quick to inspect ‘em, making mad stacks of lonely, rejected vegetables ‘til she finds cassava flesh so white itignites that spark she’s searching for – to bake, to create a […]

Camille | pour ne pas vivre seule*

D. Parker i disturb your side  |  of the bed   |   empty  |cold  |  neat  |  crisp  |  impeccable snow   |  je t’aime   &  je  t’attends    |    keep &  myself wrapped  |  in our my duvet  |   conjure  the ghost   |   of  your  body   |   pressed  against mine | pour avoir l’illusion | is it […]