Zero Readers

Category: Issue #2

Caged Thing

Jeana Jorgensen My heart is a caged, battered thing,a medieval city with two sets of walls,a fortress built from stonesbearing bloody handprints,teary streaks, remindersthat barriers do two things,they exist for a reason,and they come with a cost.For now I bear the bruises,take pride in my strong walls,patch the cracks when I feel weak.Tomorrow might be […]

Exonerate Me

Kaisa Saarinen Let me be your little moon,lunar beck, a dionean shipwreck.Take me off your orbit soon –I’ll still dream your hands around my neck. You must be sick of hearing me apologiseso exonerate me, take away my voice.Make a noose for me, I’ll follow through,praying mute and powder-blue. I’m so tired of negotiation. Give […]