Zero Readers

Category: Issue #2

contemplation on things that won’t stay still

Makenna Dykstra ///there’s a toilet in the park bathroomthat won’t stop flushing. before the water has a chance to resolve itselfinto a mirror, centripetal force interrupts. humankind’s eternalsearch for vanity is undermined only by life’s yet stronger impositionof humility. sewer pipes ferry piss and shit to their damnation,all the meanwhile saving the bearer the dignity […]

Poppy Cult

Damien Posterino I hold a catastrophe in my hands.I make a tight cup to stop it struggling out.It builds panic for an army marching,frightened boys fake bravery,their tears parachuting to death.Missiles of burning birthday balloonscelebrate this cult of our making,rivers of blood parading royal pageantswaving their hands to servants dismissed.Crowds on the banks are having […]