Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

by | Issue #6, Issues, Poetry

please click on all the images containing an animal.
please click on all the images containing a motorcycle.
are you sure that’s what a crosswalk looks like?
years from now you’ll be glad you did this. select the bat.
select the car. select divorce. select 200mg. select mercy
for your enemies. can you prove you know the feeling
of a peeling sunburn? the panic of choking on a hot dog?
write a poem about a traffic light. if you are not a robot
you have secrets. tell me your darkest ones. secrets
are not case-sensitive. what is the hex code for the shade of pink
in your cheeks when you humiliate yourself? enter
the text you want to see in a birthday card from your dog.
bring your pupils closer. is the baby smiling or snarling?
where is the disease? trick question. the disease is always here.
identify the sacrum. identify the melting point of flesh.
identify the sickness. just yours. true or false. the sensation
of gallstones. the hunter was gigantic. star-sized. he set out to kill
everything alive. if you were us, what would you kill first?
select the sound of your crying child. select the guilt you feel
when you let the vegetables spoil. when you sleep til noon.
select impulse. select worm moon. true or false. there are 1.5
gallons of blood in the human body. a human can survive
only three minutes without air. select mercy. identify
your childhood scab. please click on all the squares
containing love. trick question.