by | Issue #6, Issues, Poetry

A rabbit hops into my bathroom, chugs
my pharmaceutical jungle juice and

passes out cold. I wouldn’t know what
that’s like because I run hot. I don’t sleep

well at all but I dream every night. Lost
locker combinations and classes left

unattended by the end of the year. Always
forgetting something. Usually my shoes.

Occasionally my pants. I wonder if I can
still graduate if I never showed up to class.

I plead with my body like a sinner arrives
at the pearly gates. Begging the angels to pour

hot wax down my ear. Let it ooze out the
other in a puddle of grey matter. That’s how

it is when I’m finally fading. Warm and gooey.
Like a cinnamon bun melting behind my eyes,

though I hardly eat sweets. Too many cavities.
The rabbit wakes up with a migraine.

MADDY SNEEP’s work can be found in Hearth and Coffin, Hot Pot Magazine, Stone of Madness, and elsewhere. Her poetry won 3rd place in the Papers Publishing Poetry and Prose Contest in 2023. She also peddles her wares on her Etsy shop, SNEEPSTUDIOS. She lives in Austin, TX with her two cats who inspire her to work less and lounge more. Follow her Instagram @SNEEPSTUDIOS.