point nemo

by | Issue #5, Poetry

I was told truth is the oak
that holds

its leaves each winter. A promise

As it turns out, I forget
the rules. I never can

know them. This one is another
mask for doubt.

This one is the cover
for an empty bed.

This one is the sheet drawn back—
the old clothes

gathered in the corners
of every room I’ve ever known.

Evening settles like ash
on the snow. Another bird

on the feeder. Does it realize
the emptiness

it fills? This one is the sense
traced on a sheet

of frost. The cold that takes
residence between glass

and bone. This one is the moment
that passes

as soon as you arrive.
The bird lifts

from the feeder. Flies off
because it does

what birds do. If I knew
the rules I would make

my home like a bird—
gather the things that are

most important: This Stick. This Thread.
Safe in the knowledge

this one is the truth that holds
everything together.

Mark Imielski is an attorney who lives in Geneva, Illinois with his wife Christine and children Harris and Gabby. He is fascinated by the “why” which informs all of his work. He aspires to write more than one poem per decade.