Zero Readers

Camille | pour ne pas vivre seule*

D. Parker

i disturb your side  |  of the bed   |   empty  |
cold  |  neat  |  crisp  |  impeccable snow   |  je
t’aime   &  je  t’attends    |    keep &  myself
wrapped  |  in our my duvet  |   conjure  the
ghost   |   of  your  body   |   pressed  against
mine | pour avoir l’illusion | is it you | or the
wind  |  breathing on the nape of my neck  |
dotting my shoulders  |  in  goosebumps  |  i
close  my  eyes  |  invoke  you  |  de  ne  pas
vivre seule

*Dalida – Dieu Seul

D. Parker spends most of her days surrounded by books both at work and at home. In her free time she reads and occasionally lets words form on paper.