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Author: maoglone

Aristocracy Brings Castastrophe

Alex Shenstone Aristocracy brings catastrophe.Decadent, echoing fame guides herinto jeopardy.Kestrals lie molested nearby,organs painted quaintly red.She, this unhinged,violently wiltingXyris—yearns zealotry. Alex Shenstone (He/Him) is a trans UK university student who spends most of his time on multiple streaming services. He also adores the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is set this year to complete a Creative […]

fortune teller

Nakia Coleman tea leaves are livingthe steamreminds the sensesthere’s more to heat,that there is flavor in the way we burn Nakia Coleman is a poet trying to find the delicate balance between real living and real life. She currently spends her days writing contracts and nights writing poetry.

Calefaction: Episodes

Galia Admoni I Spring has re-greened the grey of winter.Pockets of weeds spring up through cracks in pavements.The heat is oppressive for this time of year. Sometimes I walk this street and can’t remember why.Congested bin bags spill their entrails.Ahead, a cat considers an old juice carton.Palimpsests of leavespool into hideaways at the foot of […]

Daily Meditation

Byron Wilson I tiptoe to the livingRoom in wool socksI set out last nightThey muffle stepsBetter than cottonWhile my wife and children sleep Of courseI love my family But this dark before dawn This solitude This peace Byron Wilson lives with his wife and three dogs in Oregon and is currently a full-time marketing copywriter […]


Bongani Zungu/Singular Poet The electricity of ears, gnawing.A field finds fur crawled flat byparalyzed tails, by those laidopen; who knew of webbed-feetfear, tinted metallic-red and rodenttrots in the shallows.By bones, broken bare in the bellyborn so old; and lostfor the lust of Chenuzi.The swallowed eye turned in a circle.A gobble jeopardized jaws,as rattles of tail […]

We Make Ourselves better Than Our Parents

Melissa Owens We make ourselves better than our parents. We grow up and leave home. We go far away and try to find the places where our parents have never been, and do the things our parents have never done. We travel to countries they never travelled to, and learn languages whose words never passed their lips. We call […]

to write you

Elizabeth Ellson “How is your heart?”Which, I swear, is a way to say I love you.Reginald Dwayne Betts i have been waiting to write youtill there were words concrete enoughto welcome my hand to writeall day i will stare at wordsand all day i will think of youwhat you would make of these arrangementsi will […]


Andrew Walker Onions in butter   bubble alone &      the kitchen is quiet,         starved without            your stirring.               I’m getting better            at remembering         to salt the meat,      to peel the carrots,   to pour just oneglass of wine—   & still      I make too much,         undercook the potatoes,            curdle the cream.               On my tongue            a chunk of chuck         melts to ribbons &      I lose myself   in its heavy heat.Like I said   I’m getting better      at forgetting         the sound of            your spoon […]


Andrew Walker Tomorrow I’ll throw this thirst    who sits heavy in my chest— widen my mouth to smile    out his weight. Today though, I lust for his leaden presence,    how he urges my lungs together like a kiss, the pressure    of my ribs immovably clinging to my spine. I often conflate    dependence & love—both familiar, soft. When he scoops the […]

Letters To Ram: Renouncing You

Letitia Jiju Ram, I hitch the light           off Ayodhya’s wickto scour me           off your Sita. Stir up a pyre           of each arrowed nightmy body bent,           to send you across. Love, deer-eyed,leaping at the sight of you.Until one day, I foraged for you           on its mottled coat and saw no god but Kshatriya           salvaging an honorI never bestowed. Perhaps that is what […]