Zero Readers

Author: maoglone

Ashes and the scent of new colors on the backs of pepper trees

Clem Flowers Skeletal blooms along a line of angelic lites shaking out alone- backdrop to the deep, yellow gnawing inside, as I wonder again if poly-cotton blend uniform shirts, learning Swedish names of pullout sofas, and explaining delivery timetables to the irate, middle aged folks I know the want me dead because I paint my […]

Times the hard way

John Grey The air makes certainthat everyone is threatened. The space between people teeters –we chew fear,rinse with the dictator’s beer. Looking behind,we see a life we got used to,that now stares sullenlylike an abandoned dogcrapping in its water bowl. The lungs count their breaths –what if there’s onlya dozen or so left? Be grateful […]

Ambulance Sirens and Epitaphs

Justin Arthur Clark Alone. I’m eternally sitting next to empty indentions in couch cushions; leviathans churn in stomach acid again, thoughts of you stir them from their rest. Vomit and grease? Odd company to keep, but they’re all I have left of you & him & me together. No photos from holidays abroad, no keepsake […]